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Get Started

Download Equi for All, create a trainer profile and get the exceptional possibility of reaching a wider audience and help a lot more riders – without traveling! 

Get organised easily

You have a unique possibility to plan and schedule your trainings, thanks to our easy to use calendar. Simply add your availability and riders can easily see when are are free to give classes. This is also the perfect tool to use with your existing riders. 

Create your profile

List your languages, your experience, merits and what type of training you offer including your prices. Riders can now find you in the app through our booking feature. Just a few clicks and your next training is booked – super easy and efficient. 

Increase your reach

Thanks to the features Online Training and Feedback on Video you get the ability to work more comfortably and more efficiently, even from your own home. Avoid spending time traveling between clubs, instead you can use that time to help more riders.

Free Access 

Join our community now and be part of the first group of users to get free access.


How to give feedback on a Video 

  • When a rider requests feedback on a video you will receive an e-mail and the request can be found in the app under "Feedback Requests".

  • Accept the request and press on Feedback.

  • Now you can review the message and video from the rider.

  • In your reply you can send written instructions with tips and exercises, include videos, pictures or any written material you have that will help the rider to advance.

In order for riders to request feedback from you, your calendar needs to have some availability and you need to include Feedback on Video in your price list. ‍

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How to train digitally

  • You will be notified by e-mail when a rider sends a request for a digital training. 

  • Once you accept the request you will confirm back to the rider on how you want to connect (WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom etc).  

  • We recommend that you use either a computer or a tablet for your digital classes. 

  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection and a headset for the best experience.


As a trainer you don't need to switch on your camera. 
Sit back comfortably and enjoy the possibility of being able to give live instructions without being on site.

In order for riders to send you booking requests, your calendar needs to have some availability and you need to fill in the prices for the different lessons you offer. 

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