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Get Started

Start by downloading Equi for All and create a profile. Now you are ready to connect with trainers, ‍

all for free.

Find and connect with trainers

Search for trainers to see their skills, type of lessons offered, experience, prices and location. You can chat with trainers directly in the app.

Book your next training

Equi for All offers a booking feature with a calendar that makes it easy to see a trainers‘ availability. No more never-ending WhatsApp messaging to schedule a class. Just a few clicks and your next training is booked – super easy and efficient. 

Face to Face training

Search for trainers close to you to find more trainers in your area and book a traditional training in person with just a few clicks. You and your trainer decide together on where the training will take place. 


Feedback on a video 

Record your ride and send it to a trainer to get written feedback. Send a short explanation on what you need help with, select a date for when you would like to receive the feedback and pay your trainer safely through the app.


Online Training 

Thanks to the possibility to connect with your trainer online and get live input, your location is no longer important. You can book sessions with all trainers in the app regardless of their location. 


How to request feedback on a Video 

  • Find a trainer you would like to receive feedback from 

  • Remember to include a message to the trainer where you explain what you need help with and simply attach your video directly from your photo library. Make sure the video is of good quality. 

  • You trainer can now accept your request. In their feedback they can include videos, photos, tips on exercises etc.

In order for your to request Feedback on a video from a trainer they need to have this option in their pricelist and some availability in their calendar. 

61a5147cd8e0b17b1a3421a2_Digital training-min-p-800.jpeg

How to train online

  • Request a training with the a trainer you would like to train for. 

  • Once the trainer has accepted you will receive a message from your trainer on how to connect.

  • You can either film yourself by placing your phone in a suitable place in the arena. We suggest a tripod that can be attached to a fence or a post for better stability. 

  • If it is your first online class we always recommend to have someone helping you film the class. 

  • Ride with wireless headset.

  • Make sure your devices are charged and that you have enough data if no WiFi is available.

  • Enjoy the ride!


In order for your to request a Digital training from a trainer they need to have this option in their pricelist and some availability in their calendar. 

Let us know when you are using Equi for All! 

Share your Equi for All moments with us. 
Tag us @equiforall #equiforall on Instagram and we will post it to our stories. 

IRENE EFA 1-20.jpg

Endless reasons to train digitally! 

No need to load horses on a trailer or ask trainers to come to your stables. You can train wherever you are. 

Your trainer can´t come with you for your competition? No worries – connect with your trainer in the app and get support during your warm up. 

Test riding horses for sales you always appreciate a

trainer´s input. Bring your trainer along during a digital streaming with Equi for All and get all the support you need in finding your dream horse. 

Do you have a trainer you have always dreamt of training with? Get them to download the app and train digitally. 

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