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We help riders and
trainers connect! 

Online training, feedback on video, easy to use calendar, secure payments 

and a lot more - for free.

Register today by clicking below or download the app for free to get the unique possibility to connect with trainers from all disciplines. Enjoy the ride!

We are already in more than 30 countries opening the possibility to riders of all levels to connect and learn with trainers and professionals from different disciplines!

Download the app!

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Thanks to Equi for All I can continue to train my clients in Europe comfortably from my home, I can support digitally during warm ups on competitions in addition to the possibility of connecting with a network of enthusiastic riders that are eager to learn from me.

- Andrea Baliarda, Grand Prix Dressage Trainer in the UK

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About us

Our vision is to make horse riding and training accessible to everyone, regardless of location, level and size of their wallet with the goal to inspire and motivate everyone passionate about horses, and make their life easier.   

On our platform riders, trainers and all equestrian professionals will get a unique possibility to easily connect

Our Digital Platform offers a series of innovative solutions for riders and trainers. 

The Training Feature includes a digital booking system, a pool of trainers, the possibility to get coaching based on a video and the product that will change the way riders train - Live Digital Training.


Are you a trainer or a rider?


Check out our dedicated section for riders to find out how to best benefit from Equi for All


Check out our dedicated section for trainers to find out how to best benefit from Equi for All

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